The Plan

The overall goal is to build a 16 Unit apartment complex: Seven two bedrooms at 850 sq. ft.: Seven one bedroom at 750 sq. ft.: And two smaller one bedroom at 450 sq. ft. Total building cost is $1.7 million. The residences will be reserved for Gilpin County Seniors. They will not pay over 30% of their annual income and/or assets for rent, or the competitive going rate for a rental figured by the square foot of the unit.


The Gilpin County Commissioners and the Gilpin County Senior Living Board of Directors worked together to select the best site for the new senior living complex.  In the center of the photo below is the Gilpin County Fairgrounds, and the building to the left is the Gilpin County Senior Center, a short walk from the complex site.

Gilpin Campus Overview w building site and units for grants
Site for the Senior Living Complex

The Gilpin County Commissioners have committed to providing the Gilpin County Senior Living organization a 100-year lease on the property so that the residences can be provided at affordable rental rates.

Early in 2017 we will begin working with architects and building planners on developing the construction plans. The Board is researching factory built options to improve construction on site, and to save months of construction time. Factory built living units have been used successfully in other small, rural communities.

In the meantime, the Gilpin County Senior Living organization is focusing on fundraising, public relations, and volunteer recruitment. To get more involved check out our Join Us page.

Example of income qualifications for subsidized rents:

Gilpin Low-Income Levels and Rents.jpg